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May 2015 Bush Tales

Bush Tales: A Call to Prayer for the US and Proclamation making the KJV: The Bible of PNG

Two very noteworthy events taking place in two completely different countries that I believe will effect Christians in both countries. I will give a bit of background for both events and then give scriptures that must be considered and that we may take heed to the work God has called us to do.
A Call to Prayer- There has been a call to prayer and fasting –May 11-15th for the USA. The Call-
“We live in desperate times in America which ultimately threatens the abilities of the local church to fulfill the will of God and have freedom to worship.” Our Ability to continue to send missionaries to foreign countries and publish the Gospel in America will be greatly affected if we as God’s people sit back and do nothing. There is a growing threat of financial collapse, war on American soil, and our loss of freedom of speech….. God has used America in a mighty way, and we want to Him to continue. We want God to hear form his people in America. We may be a remnant but we need to be able to continue to carry out the great commission and continue to worship freely. “
Papua New Guinea has declared the KJV-English as the Bible of PNG. They sent a government delegation to the US and brought back a 400 year old KJV to put in the lobby of the Parliament house at the foot of a unity pole. This will replace a totem pole of numerous false gods. But it will be in a Parliament house made in the shape of the East Sepik spirit house. I have thought much about was this, Is it good or bad? On the surface it is great. What other country is making the KJV the Bible of the Country. (The Baptist are not the ones at the forefront. At the same time we have just landed 10,000 KJV Pisin Bibles. WE actually are launching the distribution of the KJV Pisin Bible on May 15th. This date was picked before the call to fast in America. Also on Sept 16th the 40th year anniversary of PNGS independence they will dedicate the Unity pole and the KJV as the official Bible of PNG.
I pondered these two important events. Gwendy, Abigail, Anna and myself have all signed up for the prayer and fasting. I am for the call. I do believe though that the issue at hand is not America. It is the Church. The church does not need America, America needs the church. The Church is the pillar and ground of the truth. As a missionary I need God more than money. I see the trouble coming but will we rely on God and trust the work he has called us to do. Do we rely more on our freedoms than the Lord Jesus Christ. Those are questions each individual must answer. O woke one morning several weeks ago with scripture press hard on my mind. I have sense preached from these Scriptures the people in Yungili and believe it is expedient that I share some of that here.
I Samuel 3:15- 5:5
God has spoken to Samuel about the judgment he is to bring upon Eli and his family. Hophni and Phinehas , the sons of Eli are living wickedly as they are serving the Lord. And Eli has honored his sons above the Lord. 3:21 the Lord revealed himself to Samuel by the word of the Lord. 4:1 Samuels’s word came to all Israel. I’d like to make the application Samuel warned Israel of impending judgment if things were not gotten right. SO what does Israel do? They go and fight the enemy of the Lord and theirs, The Philistines. Problem they fought the external foe and did not deal with the internal foe. Sin in the camp. Results 4000 men were slain. So the elders in vs 3 ask “wherefore hath the Lord smitten us today before the Philistines.” They decide to get God involved now to fight the external enemy. VS 5 “And when the ark of the covenant of the Lord came into the camp, all Israel shouted with a great shout, so that the earth rang again.” Seems they had a little camp meeting. Living on past feelings and songs. Did not realize that God wasn’t with them still. And did not deal with the sin in the camp. Hophni and Phinehas.
Look at how the enemy reacted in the next verses. They actually feared God and decided they did not want to lose ground they had gained. They took what Israel was doing more serious than Israel. …. Quit yourselves like men and fight. Vs 9. Next verse 30,000 men of Israel are slain (with Hophni and Phinehas). Next we see a man escape form the fight and comes to Israel. Trembling for the ark of the Lord. (It was safe) He should have been trembling for the children of Israel. With the mention of the ark being captured Eli falls backward (judgment must begin in the house of the Lord) and breaks his neck. 40th year he had judged Israel! Phineas wife next has a son and dies in childbirth
and the child is named Ichabod ’the glory is departed for Israel: for the ark of God is taken.” Problem it had already departed.
Chapter 5 we see the ark in Ashdod and put into the house of Dagon. Early the next morning the Philistines come into the house and find their god Dagon on his face before the ark. And the next day after being set back up he is back on his face with broken arms and neck. Problem wasn’t Gods power he will take care of his name and his glory with us or without us.
I pray many more join the prayer and fasting on the 11th to 15th of May. But I pray it is done with soberness and watchfulness. I believe with all my heart the enemy will double and triple its efforts. They take it seriously. Do we?
Is this another chick–fil-a moment. A flash in the pan or are we ready to fight. Not with weapons of the world but on our knees and in the word of God.
We must ask the Lord to deal with us first. Psalms 139:23. IF we lose all our freedoms- welcome to much of the Christians in the world that are facing persecution. Would to God he let us continue to have our freedom. At the same time our liberty is in Christ and the early church had no such freedoms as we have and yet prospered in the eternal things. If Jesus is knocking on our church doors let us invite him in. Dare to be a Daniel. The 3 Hebrew boys. God is safe and the Gospel still is the power of God. Romans 1:16, I COr 1:18
Whether it is a fast in America or a proclamation of the KJV Bible- we better not be having a false camp meeting and fighting an external enemy instead of the real one. Sin in the Camp. Let’s check out ourselves our homes and the church then our community etc…..
The thief on the cross saw himself dead in trespasses and sins. He looks to a piece of bloody meat on the cross with no money no reputation and no sanctuary on this earth and called upon him to save him. That was my Savior. How many today in our churches have never even seen themselves dead in their trespasses and sins. They are in church for programs and the like they like morality and righteousness but not the righteous one.
The jailor came to Paul and Silas who had been beaten, slandered, had no church, no money and nothing to be desired. Yet he ask, Sirs what must I do to be saved. GLORY>
May God help us as we enter the fray. I covet your prayers. I live in this dead flesh. You never know how you will react when the bullets fly. I pray I do my Savior right like he did for me.
In Closing this is not to discourage any one from the fight. But remember Gideon had to get rid of a lot of people so that God would get the glory. Maybe we shouldn’t wrap ourselves in “old glory” but in the glory of the Lamb.
Never enter a fight and not know who or what you are fighting. Seemed Isreal was fighting the right battle but in the wrong order.
I have a country, actually I am seated in that Country Eph 2:6. Church be the church. Its had a bloody trail for most of its existence. And in many places today still does. I once would have died for America in my own strength equi by Americas strength. I was a lost man then. Now may I fight the Lords battle in his armor, in his strength.
Lord let us not shun the shame of the cross but die to ourselves as you see fit to help others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Niels A. Gade

January 2015 Bush Tales

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I am writing asking for your prayers. I need to get a regular Prayer letter out I know. It seems I can communicate better through bush tales but not everyone gets them.

It is Saturday night and I am preparing for tomorrow.

Pray for the services we have in Yungili. Also for preaching in Linde and Tindua II. We have added another evening service but this is at a construction camp here in Pangia.(they work 7 days and Sunday evening is the only time I could get but hey at least the door is open) Last week there were about 12 Papua New Guineans. Plus a Russian (Nikita) and Two from the Philippines (Denny and David). A New Zealand guy who just came back from leave I am hoping he comes (Dave).

Nikita is Greek orthodox and Denny and David are they call themselves open Catholics, and David just a non religious guy. The nationals are a mix and some come from the village of Yungili and one his wife attends Mendi Baptist Church. Not sure of his beliefs. I will be honest with you. I am usually almost dead by the time we get back to Yungili for the evening service. Once I get to preaching the Lord strengthens me. I just pray for strength for this added service at the construction camp. The company is called Wildcat. They are doing roads and an airstrip. The Lord has directed me to the first Chapter of Galations and I just pray that their eyes are opened and turn from darkness to the light. (the Whole family spends the day with me. So they need prayer too.)


Once more I implore you to put this before the church at your prayer meetings and take it to the throne of God. Last time I messed up on the times. We start our first service 9:30 am. That makes it 6:30 pm Saturday night east coast. So Yungili, Linde, Tindua II, Yungili then Wildcat we finish about  8pm. (5am east coast) In between preaching we are walking to Linde, Tindua II and back to Yungili. Many times in rain or the hot sun. Pray for mercy and grace and a beautiful day.


I just want to talk about the wonderful wife God has given me.  I took the Wiru youth into Mt. Hagen Weds morning with hope of returning for evening service. A missionary was having trouble in another area and stopped in. To make a long story short the police came and eventually I was able to take him out. It’s a long drawn out story. So anyway I was delayed overnight in Hagen. Gwendy with Wesley accompanied by Steven from our station walked to the market and got a PMV to Yungili so she could teach her literacy class. She goes every Mon, Weds and Friday. She broke the class into two as the older folk were not doing well. This means over 4 hours of travel and school 3 times a week. Usually I go ahead on Weds and the whole family travels without me and we meet up for church and come back together. Mondays and Fridays it depends on what I have going on. She is also homeschooling Wesley. He is in Kindergarten so it is a short day but still a lot of work. Why does she do it. She desires that they can read the word of God. I am thankful. She truly is a help meet. In more ways than I can even begin to express. As you pray ask God to strengthen her and bless her.


Lastly Abigail has been in a two week school in Hagen for ACE to be able to help in the Pangia School. We just submitted her Visa Student extention so please pray it goes through as we definitely need her help. Her and Anna are also at a youth meeting in Hagen through Sunday with the Wells. Pray for their safety. Chad has been sick and is preaching so keep him in prayer also.


We love and miss each of you. WE have people from all over the world. It is true that if you leave home and land and family God will give you much more in return. To think we would have never met many of you except in answering the call to go…….



Oh I write like I preach. LOL second lastly. Poor Kinde, The Tree Man could not help so last word he was kidnapped by either Nazarenes, or a Pentecostal Church form His mothers side with out his families permission. Yes in the middle of the night (2am) and they are praying for his healing. They just don’t get he needs Salvation. HE needs spiritual healing. Pray.


Niels A. Gade

Missionary PNG

Col 3:1-2

Keep on the Firing Line

I know many of you have Saturday night prayer meetings and some Sunday mornings before service. 7Pm Saturday night (East coast time) we are usually just finishing up our Sunday morning services here in Yungili and walk up to Kinde’s house to preach to the family and village in Tindua 2 and then to Linde to preach before coming back to Yungili for our evening service.  I ask for you to please pray this weekend for the following.


Friday I was sitting at my desk meditating when the Lord impressed me to go see Kinde. (He is the one with liver problem that I took to hospital and he will probably die soon). So Gwendy, Wesley and I along with Steven (national) got us a coaster bus and headed to Yungili. Gwendy taught a bible study to the ladies and then her literacy class. Wesley, Steven and I went up to Kinde’s house. On the way I met someone on the road who said that the village had called upon a Diwai Man to come to help Kinde. A Diwai man is basically a witch doctor that uses parts of a tree to perform his “poison” (the name they call magic: how telling). I had told them before not to do this though I was pretty confident they would.  When I arrived at the cook House I sat down and inquired to this. Which with their heads down they acknowledged seeking after the diwai man. Now you have to understand this comes at a price. A pig and 100kina was given.

God then directed me to John 10 about the thief and the shepherd. Not only was I able to expose Satan- the diwai man who is a hireling- working for pay but also the catholic catechist and Lutheran preacher (Kinde’s church) as they both oppose me but did not oppose the diwai man coming.

Everyone there goes to church of course but none that I knew of were saved. I covered that those who are the Lords sheep here his voice and not another. How I am also a shepherd under the Lord and how I have sought them and never received anything from them. (this is so much like Willy who died a few years ago of cancer because they would not receive the truth and turned to a lie).


I found out while there that a young man, Matthew, Kinde’s son had just got in from Port Moresby a few days ago. He was very broken and crying while  spoke. He actually said he had gotten saved several years ago in Lae (in a Baptist Church) and had moved to Moresby and was back slidden ( God knows his true state) I encouraged him to come to church Sunday and get things right with God.


Afterwards we went back to Yungili and sat with the men and some ladies and opened the word of God and preached some more. Gwendy finished up and then we headed home.


Brethren they are bond in darkness. I do not want to get them to be Baptist in manners and dress and yet in their heart they still fear Satan more than God. I see Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Luthern, SDA (that’s right- keep the sabbath don’t eat pig and still go to the witchcraft) (Apalia’s son who is a staunch SDA is about 24 and became blind about 4 years ago. Just had a “glassman” come to help heal him, which he didn’t) continue to practice Satanism while saying they believe in Jesus. I don’t buy it or believe it. In the Bible they burned their books and idols. There was a time in America when we use to burn our LP”S (records for MP3 generation) and curious arts, Now we just change the words and use the same satanic music etc……


Well that is another thing there in America. I’m here and in a fight for souls to be saved and delivered form blindness to seeing. The power of satan to the Power of God. Please pray tonight. And continue to pray. I need Gods help. They need the convicting power of the Holy Spirit as I preach thus sayeth the Lord.


There is so much I do not go into detail about but much more was said and preached.


Thanks for your prayers. I hope this email can get out as we are struggling to get service lately. Most of December we were without power. Amen. Hope you also have good prayer meetings and services. And more yet revival in your churches. Time is short. Don’t go through the motions. Get a hold of God.



Niels A. Gade

Missionary PNG

Col 3:1-2

Keep on the Firing Line


Greetings from PNG. Seems I have been a little slack in bush tales in 2014.

Not that it has been boring or anything. Actually the contrary.

Last one I sent out we had just started putting the hand to the plough in Yungili. We talked some more in our last prayer letter concerning Koya and also Linde. So let’s get up to speed.


We have continued to preach in Koya on Weds. I leave the station around 8am and walk up to the market to get a bus ride to Yungili, add Apalia and then we get dropped off on the road near Tindua (#1). So about 10 we head into the bush on a trail and arrive in Koya around 11am. This village is Lutheran. A few months ago a church called Born Again arrived. (Apalia had asked me to go here originally for some old kinfolk of his to hear the gospel.) So we sit down on a grassy area of the village under a tree and just preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They ask questions and I open the word of God and give them Bible. One hang up they have is baptism. Many of them believe their salvation is tied to their baptism and communion( same problem in Catholic Church).  It is really a good opportunity to preach Christ and his blood saves and not religion. The Born Again church goes by Acts 2:38 so they have Been taught, :repent, Baptize and then you get the Holy Spirit. Which we know is Peter preaching nationally to Isreal nad so we follow Acts 10: repentance towards God, Belief in Jesus Christ for salvation and then believers baptism to follow. Yet the Lutheran Church has them afraid that they if they get baptized again they will be damned (they should be concerned about getting saved). Even saying it is the mark of the beast etc…. So without belaboring to long I used the Bible to give them the truth. Well they got some of it. Sixteen ended up getting baptized in the Born Again church. Went from one false church to another. Reminds me of the words of Christ in John 5:39-40……you won’t come to me that ye might have eternal life. They wanted the freedom to leave the Lutheran Church to be able to go to a church that has contemporary music and the ‘spirit’. They did not want to submit themselves to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But we will keep going as long as they want to here. We have learned that they have had some pretty big conversations among the leaders to ban us from coming. Pray for the Born Again (BA) Church as they are following a false gospel and have a false spirit. Not all left the Lutheran Church and some took heed and didn’t follow through with going to the BA church and getting baptaized to be saved. You really have to sit in a village and watch and see what all is going on to understand the spiritual battle that is being waged to keep them in Darkness. Of my own power it would be easy to get them to all be Baptist and damn them to hell because they did not truly become born again.


So after a few hours Apalia and I walk back to the road and wait for a ride back to Yungili. We have been caught in rained and stopped and spent time in a hut with others which once more is an opportunity to wittenss. By the time Gwendy and the rest of the family have come out to Yungili by bus where Gwendy is teaching 7 (2 men and 5 woman) how to read and write, we  also get there about 2-3pm. Gwendy teaches from 3- 4:30 then I hold church and prayer meeting. She also teaches Monday and Friday 3-5.

Most of the time we grab a bus sometimes we take the Diana truck and since it has a cracked head (going to get it Monday hopefully) and a few times have barrowed Chads truck. Fridays while Gwendy teaches I sit down and preach in the market. Same issues come up often. Sabbath keeping, water baptism saves you etc… One guy once he couldn’t answer Romans 14 concerning keeping days said that was a letter from Paul and the books of Moses are the pure Bible. Amazing. Sometimes I think they are going to start shouting to Diana of the Ephesians.  They have a hard time even coming close to rightly dividing the word of truth. Reminds me of the man in John 9 whose eyes were opened by Christ- The people here are like his parents afraid to accept and speak the truth least they be cast out of the synagogue (family), and the Pharisees who reviled him and said we are Moses disciples(half dozn or more types of churches in any given village. John 9:28 We know that God spake unto Moses; as for this fellow (Christ) we know not from whence he is.  But the blind man that could now before see, got it. You know I was blind in religion for 31 years and God opened my eyes and these people are blind in religion and we need your prayers for I have been sent to open their eyes (through the preaching of Christ) and that they may turn from darkness to light. Acts 26:18.


One of my favorites (actually least favorites)  are the holiness that will stand up and preach and say they have not sinned in 15 years. Once you see the issues of the heart you want to get by 15 minutes without thinking wrong. Hope you understand what I just said. One Misisnary woman I have witness to several times has not sinned in 18 years. Who husband wont say he hasn’t but believes the same if you die with unconfessed sin you go to hell. She actually mocked me once for believing in eternal security.

Praise the Lord I have everlasting life now and cant loose it>!!!!!!!


So on to Sundays, we hold Sunday school under a tarp at 9;30 then main service following and finish up about 12 noon. We get our selves together have a cracker or orange and then walk the hour to Tindua #2 and I sit with Kende and family and wittiness to them all. He is dying. :last Sunday the Lutheran priest was in his house and we came back after Linde. Yes just like in America. Someone shows some interest in outreach  and the Jehovah witness or Mormons or someone else is there fishing. After Kinde then we walk another 15-20 minutes to Linde and preach. Last Sunday there were over 100 sitting it the grass around me as I preached on Christ. Even started to rain and no one got up to go. So from there we walk back to Yungili and get back about 4pm and have evening service and then go home. SO it is a long day but I am happy to spend and be spent. Feel s like I am dynamiting rock and clearing land minds from their heart to even be able to let the word of God have some fertile ground to go into. I am just not interested in numbers. God will keep track of that well enough. So this last week has been a little slower as I have been sick. Didn’t go to Koya or Linde. So will Let the ground (hearts) settle a little, it is deplete of nutrients so have to add lime, to get the pH up. Maybe a picture of the Holy Spirit working with what has been preached already. PRAY PRAY PRAY>


So that has basically been our Nov Dec. Tues and Thurs working on things around the station. We have been waiting for parts for the presses so no printing going on. Out of Tracts so pray the parts get here quick WE also dealt without having power for most of the month of Dec.   There are 10,000 Bible and 3,000 song books on order and hope they arrive in March. As soon as the first shipment arrives have enough to order 10,000 more Bibles. Amen.


I am very thankful for Gwendy and the work she does. She is not schooling Wesley in kindergarten and then the 3 times a week in Yungili. Please pray for the students she is teaching. We want them to be able to read the Bible. This class will go through march. At times she has to get the bus on her own and someone from Yungili comes and helps look after her. Like Monday I will be getting the Dina from Hagen so I cannot go with her. Also the girls walk with us to Linde and do Sunday school classes and children’s church. These kids can be quiet unruly especially in a new work where no one knows how to look after their kids. So though I want them to hear the preaching they are just too huge of a distraction.


Abigail is finishing up 12th grade and Anna 11th. Feb Abigail will start working in the ACE school so pray for her.


So please pray for these areas. As we embark on a new year pray as the Bibles arrive, meetings we will have with preachers, any traveling, getting the tracts and Bibles and song books disbursed. Mostly for the souls in Yungili, Linde and Koya. And God gives me wisdom on how to preach Christ crucified to them that they may understand. Feels like I am going from synagogue to synagogue expounding and reasoning of Christ to people who know religion but know not God our Savior Jesus Christ.  Very very religious.



Keep looking to Christ the author and finisher of our faith.


Niels A. Gade

Missionary PNG

Col 3:1-2

Keep on the Firing Line


Friday nights we usually have homemade pizza or another family favorite and once in a while we invite some foreigners that are working on the airstrip and roads in Pangia. Their names are Nikita (from Russia), Mac (Half Papuan and New Zealand) and Dave

(New Zealand.) We have had some doors of witness with them. Nikita mostly- He is orthodox. Pray for them to be saved.

Dave finaly came over this past fri as all the others were back home and he is a talker.(they are away form home for 6 weeks. He got a call while we were eating that Peter O’Neil had come by his place and wanted to see him. He told the man who called he was eating with the missionary and they decided he would get with Mr. O Neil the next morning. Now you have to understand Peter O’Neil is the Prime Minister of the Country. Hmmm Dave was eating with Niels.

If only my wife had that much respect- trying to drown my in river


  • Kids enjoying Saturday afternoon
  • Gwendy teaching
  • Wesley’s 6th Bday cake.
  • Walk to river.  And yes that is steep.   (corresponding photos are located on our photos page)


October 2015 Bush Tales

Greetings form PNG.

After a great National Pastors conference and a visit from our Pastor and his wife it was great to settle into a regular routine for a week. It was short lived as Gwendy broke a tooth. Thankfully there is a good dentist now in hagen now and she has a temporary crown with a permentant one ordered.

Last Weds we preached in Yungili on Phil 2:1-8 with the emphasis on Phil 2:2 Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

Thurs and Friday Abigail, Anna Wesley and I went and worked on taking down the ‘haus man’ we have used as a meeting place and Sat the whole family went with some youth form pangia to set up a temporary tarp shelter. I got to sit and talk with Alapia for several hours. His dad had nine wives. Two of which he killed, one of which was Apalia mom. So as a baby he lost his mom and his Dad spent only 7 years in jail. This was when they were under Australian rule. His father wanted him to have 9 wives also and he ended up saying enough after 3. HE got saved about in 2013 and you definitely see the fruit. (also 5 women have made professions of faith including his wife Lynn).

Sunday we had Sunday school, main service and a night service. I really enjoyed myself. The last 6 months our main focus has been getting the Bible printed among other things so it was nice to be amongst the people. Till the end of the year I will be spending as much tie as possible in this village to see what God will do there. Please keep in in prayer. Also doing the final proofing of the King Jems Pisin Baibel (Pidgin Spellings) to get it ready for press. We have orders for over 6ooo now. The money we will raise one time will continue to purchase Bibles for years and we are really excited about this. It has been wonderful to preach from it. There is also school for the girls and Wesley, printing and misc other things to do but really hope to concentrate on Yungili and getting the Bibles into country.

So keep us in prayer and we will give a update come first of the year. Keep in the fight!

Headed back to the bush with gwendys temporary crown and hopefully wont be back to Hagen till Jan.

May 2014 Bush Tales

Abigail's Pictures 100 (2)  Abigail's Pictures 136 Abigail's Pictures 140 house pics 006 (2)Abigail's Pictures 135

Greetings Form PNG. Hope all is well.

Well our house in Yaria was broken into twice this week. Seems they stole our solar panels and some stuff inside. Sad but it is patricks sons who have done this. He is the one who took us to court two times.

The good news they are an outside line and the two villages closest to our home are up in arms (not literally) over it. Pastor Bill and Magie and Sendrick and Betty were threatened but not harmed. Please pray for Bill as he has to deal with it mostly day to day. We are maintaining a little bit in the housea s in Sept our Pastor  (Jonathan Doss )and his wife Sara will be coming over. They are due to arrive Sept 17th and dept Oct 9th. Ticket have been purchased and we are really excited. Please pray as he will be preaching the National Baptist Pastors conference and then at yaria and probably another place. He has an inner ear problem. Traveling is not the best thing for it, especially in PNG and the roads. I do my part to look after him but we do appreciate the prayers.

Sunday Gwendy, Abigail and I walked to Kumioni to have church. There is just one person saved in the village and he built the little kunai church hoping his family and clan will get saved. It was 1 hour 15 minute walk. Anna had had her toe lanced by Brother Chad and packed so she couldn’t walk and we were told it would be a longer walk so we left Wesley with her. They went to Church in Pangia. Next week they’ll both go with us hopefully. We didn’t get rained on which was a blessing. So pray for tis little fellowship.

Finanly got on the printing press this past week. One day oiled it and learned about the parts. Friday printed one side of 3000 sheets. Which when done with the other side will equal 12,000 tracts. I learned a lot and it had its hippcups. Continue to pray I learn it. Teaching the book of Acts in Bible school. Made it through the first Chapter after 3 weeks.

Anna will start Monday helping in the ACE School  and Abigail will on Thursday. January Gwendy will get involved more. Gwendy started Wesley in preschool so teaches him till Lunch.  Wendy will also be starting a pidgin class soon to teach those who want to learn to read pidgin.

Got our garden started. Remember I am a baker so I am trying to figure some things out. Planted peas, beans and carrots and cilantro. The beans and carrots came up but not the peas. I covered it with a tarp for several days First time all the beans I planted came up. Kept the water off. It rains a lot here. So we have egg plant bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, zuccinni and squash we are nursering.

We deal with a lot of water so pray things actually grow.

God has blessed us with this new home we didn’t even build. It has both 110 and 240 power outlets, an American washing machine which saves gwendy a bunch of time. 2  bathrooms and a nice desk and office for me and it doubles as Wesley’s room.

Well I pray you are all serving the Lord and looking for His blessed return. That is our Hope, A blessed hope it is….. We have a country that can not be defiled/ Amen!

Brother Niels gade and Family